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Our team aims to allow Our Tribe to embrace our culture in ways that were not allowed for decades. Assimilation was forced on to our ancestors.

Join us in embracing and celebrating our culture.

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Our vision is to see our culture and language thrive in our community and with our youth for generations to come. It has been approved for our department to over see the project to build a Sweat Lodge and a Roundhouse in Hawkins Valley. The department plans are in the works and the goal is to have the Sweat Lodge completed by mid-next year (2024) and the Roundhouse by early 2026. This will allow us to bring some of our cultural traditions back to our ancestral lands. 


The Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians Language and Culture Department values the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors. Determined to ensure the survival of our Chukchansi Language and Culture by documenting, learning, practicing, and teaching future generations.

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