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Yokuts Miwuk Mono 

On September 7th 2023, the Chukchansi Language/Culture Department presented the first ever Yokuts Miwuk Mono Language Conference. Our goal was to unite the central California tribes linguistic professionals to discuss best practices for language preservation and education. 

2023 Language Conference

The inaugural language conference was held at Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino in the Chukchansi Conference Center on September 7th and 8th. With over 70 attendees, from Miwuk, Mono and Yokuts Tribes, the conference was a success, with some wonderful networking opportunities. Attendees were able to learn about the intricacies of their beautiful languages and shared ways on how to teach and learn their languages.

Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival, (AICLS) generously assisted attendees with travel and registration cost expenses.


Various topics were discussed such as language history, sounds, words, sentences and language history. Professors Dr. Niken Adasimito-Smith, Dr. Brian Agbayani, Dr. Chirs Golston, and Dr. Gretchen Kern gave presentations on the various topics and covered Miwuk, Mono and Yokuts languages.

Breakout sessions were broken into three categories, Miwuk, Mono and Yokuts breakout rooms. Participants were free to learn, and share in the rooms of their choice. Both days offered an array of information and resources, from exploring Canva, the benefits of using QR codes, to games and activities to teach and learn language. Breakout rooms were hosted by Carly Tex, Carlos Geisdorff, Kim Lawhon and Shonna Alexander, with participation from our main guest speakers.

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