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Language/Culture Department Logo

Language and Culture Department - Peteelan' Yataach'i ʔam yoʔ hawaach'i

"Will show them how to talk and what to do"


Tomooxish - Winter

Sourberry stick bundle

Basket start

Redbud bundle

Tishamyuw - Spring


Clapper Stick


Hayaalataw - Summer

Soaproot brush 


Handgame bones and sticks

Hosheewataw - Autumn

Looped stirring stick/ to carry hot rocks

Black oak and white oak acorn

Burden basket

Gewga maayin dawhalch'i!

Meet our employees! 

Our dedicated team thrives on the revitalization of our language and culture. They work diligently with Fresno State University Linguist team and each other to learn and develop content to share with out members and others at our upcoming conference.

To contact our staff directly click on their title for a link to their email. 

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