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Yatga Chukchansiʔin!

Speak Chukchansi!


The Chukchansi Language is classified as a Severely Endangered language. This is a direct result of generations of erasure of Native Culture. With less than a handful of Native Speakers it is critical that we use the resources we have to revitalize our Language. These resources include: Fresno State University Linguistics Team, Tribal Elder Dr. Holly Wyatt, and knowledge that has been passed down from our Tribal Elders. These people have all worked hard to pass Chukchansi on to us. It is now our turn to do the same.


Generations now and forever are counting on us.
Honor your ancestors. Honor your people. 


Classes are available every other Wednesday beginning at 5:30 PM. Our instructor, Kim Lawhon, will offer these teachings via Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom. See flier on the "Events" page to join the class live stream. Or if you have missed any classes, check or YouTube Channel below for recordings of each class!

Tap or click here to visit our YouTube Channel:

Tap or click here to download the 2023 Dictionary:

In-Person Classes

We will be hosting reoccurring in-person Chukchansi language classes beginning January 21st of 2024. We hope to include everyone interested in learning to speak Chukchansi with in-person as well as online learning opportunities. 

See flier below for more information or contact us at:

(559) 721-441 or at

Tap or click the flier below to view:

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Online Class Details 

Language Classes started early July and were available via Teams on the first and third Monday of every month. As of August 17th 2023, the classes have shifted to Wednesdays. We welcome all interested parties to join the lessons with Chukchansi Language teacher Mrs. Lawhon. See our Flyer for more information.


You may contact us if you have any questions at:

(559) 721-4410 or at

Tap or click the flier below to view:

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