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Chukchansiʔin Hayil

Chukchansiʔin Hayil directly translates to Chukchansi's Day. The vision of the Picayune Rancheria Language/Culture Department is to develop a tribal holiday for the purpose of celebrating the resilience of Chukchansi People through Chukchansi culture, Chukchansi language, and gathering together. 

We Need YOUR Input!

We as a department are very excited at the development of this Tribal Holiday, and we hope that excitement is shared by membership. As part of necessary planning for any event, we must pick a date to hold this event. It is our intent to hold a Chukchansiʔin Hayil celebration annually for all tribal membership. With this in mind, we ask you to help us decide which date is suitable for such an important holiday.

The poll consists of 9 options designed by our team, as well as a 10th option that allows free input under "other." In order for us to process the "other" answers, please include month and day as well as a brief description of the day's significance. 

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